Wrong Idea: Dinesh D’Souza Calls for Skepticism of Skeptics

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Be skeptical of those skeptical of skeptics.


Dinesh D’Souza, that fallacious bag of wind that fancies himself a master-debater against the atheist-hoards warned Brown University students a couple weeks ago that “we need to be more skeptical of the skeptics.”

His lecture title was “Is God the Problem?” and his argument, apparently, is that were it not for Western Christianity, values that even atheists hold high (i.e. compassion for others, opposition to slavery, respect for humanity…) would be non-existent.

He’s still blaming, fallaciously, the regimes and actions of Hitler, Stalin and Pol Pot on atheism and not ideology (Hitler and his minions were demonstrably Christian -Mein Kampf reveals his emulation of Moses… but I digress).

But he misses the humanist and compassionate behavior that existed many millennia before the relatively recent advent of the first Christian cults. You can find such evidence in the pre-Christian writings of Greek philosophers and academics. You can see it in the archaeological record! Neanderthals cared for their handicapped and infirmed!

And he seemed to overlook the sheer evil nature of the Christian cult dogma as evident in the acknowledgment of slavery, rape, and murder in the very biblical mythology he professes to call his source of virtue.

Throughout this mythical set of texts, slavery is approved of. Not once does the alleged messiah criticize it. Indeed, he acknowledges it.

No one ever murdered, raped, or enslaved because of their atheism. But plenty have done so in the name of the Christian god. Jim Jones was right about one thing: the phrase that sits above his “throne” in the image at the top.

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