Who do atheists thank?

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Their creators, of course.

Thanks, Mom and Dad! You provided me with 23 chromosomes each, and I strive every day to make the best of them since I realize my limited command of these 46 chromosomes is temporary. I take your gift and live each day to the fullest!

The title of this post was a question posed at MetroDaily News. I registered and left my comment above. I’ve noticed two or three things on the internet questioning whether atheists could be thankful or not and it strikes me as a no-brainer.

I’m also thankful for our Sun, the star that provides the energy our planet consumes for photosynthesis and the warmth we need to avoid the cold, darkness of space. That warmth and photosynthesis is at the base of our ecosystems, which ultimately make the turkey, potatoes, and home-made cranberry sauce a reality on my table today.

Sure, nearly any religionist can ultimately pin their thanks on a supernatural, imagined being once they encounter a point at which they are ignorant. For some, that point arrives closer in the chain of events that we call reality than for others. But all religious believers would probably like to point out that I can’t thank a sun and try to argue that to be thankful I must be willing to thank a “who” -but this, of course, is pure nonsense. I can be thankful without thanking an imagined being. I can beĀ gratefulĀ for coincidence, happenstance, or random chance. Just the other day, I was 10 cents short for a diet coke from the machine at work so I decided to check the coin return. There was a dime left by someone who overlooked their change. I was thankful for that person’s carelessness and grateful for the coincidence. No thanks to any single agent, just the results.

So happy Thanksgiving, folks! Whether you’re a theist or an atheist, be thankful for [insert whatever].

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