What are Conservatives Conserving?

That’s the question Carl Sagan posed with Part II of his book Billions and Billions. And its still a question I ponder today.

A recent comparison of obesity and congressional support (both by state) for the Affordable Healthcare Act has revealed an interesting correlation. It seems the fattest states are the most likely to have opposed Obama’s healthcare initiative.

Most educated=darker shades

Most opposed states at bottom; most obese to the right

Interestingly enough, these are also the least educated states. Most people who are opposed to Affordable Healthcare simply don’t understand what it actually does. Contrary to the misguided leadership of their representatives (who aren’t really doing a good job of representing their constituents when you think of it), the ACA actually holds people accountable for their healthcare, both physically and fiscally.

The talking heads would have us all believe this is some form of socialism or “Stalinism” where the State automatically picks up the tab, but the reality is that this already happens. Hospitals cannot turn away someone in need of healthcare. Consequently, people who should be making routine or scheduled visits with their physicians instead go to the Emergency Room since they cannot be turned away. And the taxpayer picks up the tab.

With ACA, this is all but eliminated. Moreover, people will start visiting their physicians more often, probably to get told to lose weight and be involved in a more active and healthy lifestyle.

Is this what conservatives are conserving? Their energy? Or are they keeping their constituents fat, lazy, and fed, but under-educated so they don’t learn any better.

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