We Are All Atheists…

The Major religious groups of the world.
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… some of us just accept it.

Among the recent billboards and bus ads that are popping up around the globe in an effort to raise public consciousness about atheism is one that reads, “we are all atheists about most gods, some of us just go one god further.”

There are Christian bloggers around the internet who are, understandably (albeit irrationally), annoyed by these public service messages. Messages which counter the decades of superstition that has found little or no opposition with their own billboards and ads. A recent blog post by Liturgy, a Christian blog based in New Zealand, voiced its opposition to the ads in New Zealand by creating a straw man of the sort of billboard mentioned above, recently presented to Kiwis by their local atheist and freethinker organization (the NZAHR).

The meat of this blogger’s argument is that the billboard/bus ad message assumes all theists are monotheists. Which, of course, is largely the case. At least for the targeted population of the ads. But the blogger seems to suggest that different religions have different gods, but only “exclusivists ” would deny that these different gods for each religion aren’t the same. He suggests that most Christians, Muslims, Hindu, etc. believe that theirs is but a different version of the same god. It doesn’t really explain why Hindus have so many versions with so many different names and characteristics, but perhaps that’s why he doesn’t mention them.

He also doesn’t bother to mention that the few gods of the few religions he mentioned are but a very, very tiny portion of the extant and extinct gods that humanity has invented. I don’t know of any Christians, regardless of how “inclusive” or “pluralist” they might be who would conceive that Quetzacoatl and Chac are both Mayan versions of Yahweh/Elohim/Allah once they’ve learned how the Maya described these gods (and how one of them liked the sacrifice of female children whose hearts were removed still beating by an obsidian blade).

The truth is, we’re all atheists. None of those gods exist. The Judeo-Christo-Islamic god in the Liturgy blogger’s mind, Yahweh-Elohim-Allah, almost certainly doesn’t exist.

We’re all without gods. Some of us simply choose to accept it. We choose reality.

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