Three Great Carnivals

Here’s a trio of don’t-miss blog carnivals:

And the Skeptics’ Circle #77 – The Overmedicalized Edition

I can never seem to remember to send an entry to blog carnivals, but I do spend my Sundays reading them! If you haven’t checked out one or all of these, you won’t be disappointed if you take the time to follow the links and read the pleathora of humanist, godless, and skeptical articles linked to each.

About Ylooshi

An anthropologist who is an atheist. My blog at concerns itself with breaking the spells of superstition and religious belief through examining human superstitions and religions scientifically and rationally. Breaking Spells, the blog, also focuses on atheist and secular concerns such as the separation of church and state as well as the negative influences of Islamo-Judeo-Christian religious cults on society.
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