The Move to WordPress

As some of my few readers (both of you) might be aware, Blogspot (a.k.a. Blogger) removed my blog. The automated message you get when you try to access it just says, “it may have been automatically flagged by our system as possible link spam,” or something very similar.

Anyway, I gave it a few days and tried to reach blogger. I’m not waiting.

Breaking Spells is officially a WordPress blog. I have another blog that I write under my real name that I’m also thinking of moving to WordPress, and I’ve been with Blogger for years. Almost since they started. My instinct is that someone was upset with the content they found, which questioned and criticized their beliefs and hit the “flag” button in the Blogger halo/bar that sits at the top of every Blogspot blog. I’ve always wondered how many clicks it would take to initiate systematic action from their software. I’ll never know.

At this point, even if blogger gets back to me, I’m Breaking the Spell of Blogspot and this blog is now officially a WordPress blog. The best they can do at this point is keep my business with my other blog that gets far more traffic than this one and has been there far longer. I’m not eager to up-root it just yet, but if they don’t satisfy me with a decent answer/apology, I may.

In the next few days, I’ll work on moving my posts from the old blog to this one. For those that read my Blogspot blog, its old news. Hopefully, the move to WordPress and the exposure to new search engine traffic and click-throughs for the WP tag system will give me some fresh readership and those readers will see fresh content.

About Ylooshi

An anthropologist who is an atheist. My blog at concerns itself with breaking the spells of superstition and religious belief through examining human superstitions and religions scientifically and rationally. Breaking Spells, the blog, also focuses on atheist and secular concerns such as the separation of church and state as well as the negative influences of Islamo-Judeo-Christian religious cults on society.
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