The Christian Who Stole the Grinch

The pastor of a Dallas, TX church started a website called in which the ignorant can list businesses they feel have “offended” their superstition by not saying the word “christmas” in a greeting or holiday banner.

You really have to look on with utter fascination as the ignorant profess their dismay at being told “happy holidays” instead of “merry xmas.” The culture of O’Reilly / AM talk radio nutters see omission of their superstition and acknowledgement of the multiple holidays that exist in the 30 or so days surrounding the winter solstice as a “war” on their superstition. It’s largely a one-sided war, fought in their own minds, but the more they rant on about it, the more rational people should smack them back down.

Here’s the irony: many of these “naughty” listed businesses were discovered in the course of these good christians participating in the whole commercialized aspect of the holiday. They were xmas shopping! And the good pastor of the First Baptist Church of Dallas co-opted the name of one of the most secular symbols of xmas: Dr. Seuss’ Grinch. The Santa-pretender who discovered the true meaning of xmas, which was to give not get.

Not a word in Whoville about the baby Jebus.

The naughty list is a good guide for secular shoppers. Apparently Target is a good place to take your money since you won’t have to be bothered with all that nativity shit. Give me my snowmen, snowflakes, Santas and garland. Keep those non-xmas, tropical decorations of camels and palm trees and little barnyard scenes. Ugh.

Funny comment from Rockwall, TX about Rockwall Independent School District: “They won’t let anybody say Marry Christmas.”

Nor, apparently, do they do a good job of teaching how to spell. For shame Rockwall.

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