The Christian Hang-up On Sex – is it really just a Freudian Slip?

pictureshowman.comChristian organizations are always going on about how they want to limit sexual freedom and exposure to sex to the public. There’s never a shortage of nuts willing to proclaim that the prevalence of sex in public media like television, movies and print is the source of moral decline in our country (never mind that nations with more liberal censorship policies often have less crime).

To deal with this “problem of moral degradation,” some Christian organizations have very creative ways in which they try to “sanitize” their fellow believers from material they find objectionable. Some organize boycotts, some lobby government officials for legislative change, and some actually attempt to remove the offending scenes from movies.

One such Christian company that attempted to censor mainstream Hollywood movies was CleanFlicks, run by Daniel Thompson. The Utah-based company catered primarily to Mormon, billing their services as “family-friendly” and as “movies you can trust.” Initially they sought to simply edit out the offending scenes of rated-R movies and other films they found to be objectionable, but a 2006 court ruling in favor of filmmakers blocked Thompson’s efforts to edit the creative works of others and he switched, instead, to offering a NetFlix-like service that provided “family-safe” rentals by mail of unedited classic and modern movies that “…contain no nudity, no graphic violence, and no sexual content.”

Thompson’s dedication to morality and decency as well as family-centric values must be commended.

Or not.

It seems that he doth protest too much. Apparently there’s a reason that Daniel Thompson consciously represses sexual deviance and immorality. It’s probably not a true parapraxis (a.k.a. the Freudian slip), since his conscious repression of sexuality and immorality really cannot be said to have “unconsciously” emerged by hiring 14-year olds for oral sex.

That’s right, the champion of decency and morality for families molested and raped the daughters and sisters of the very families he pretended to give two shits about.

Police on Friday arrested Daniel Thompson, 31, and another man. Two 14-year-old girls needed money and decided to offer sexual favors, police said.
A third girl put them in contact with one of the men and he paid both 14-year-olds $20 for oral sex, police said. Later, the man took the girls to Thompson and the teenagers performed oral sex on him, according to police.
Police said the scheme was exposed when one of the girl’s mothers found a $20 bill and asked where it came [from].


Salt Lake City Tribune: Former movie ‘sanitizer’ accused of sex with underage girls

(H/T: The Information Paradox)

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