Science and Evolution with the NCSE

I just discovered a site that may not be new to many others in the atheosphere but it is a welcome and new addition to my Google Reader (and I’ll put a link in my sidebar). Not an atheist blog (but I’m sure there are many creationists that would disagree), the National Center for Science Education has some interesting news bits on recent developments in science education (as implied by the site’s title), particularly in evolution.
A recent entry announces the International Society for Science and Religion which just adopted a position that describes intelligent design as “neither sound science nor good theology.”
Other news items of recent days include the news that the Florida state education board voted to include “the scientific theory of” just before the word “evolution.” I don’t see the problem with this, but nuts that think ”theory” is synonamous with ”hair-brained idea” will equate creation mythology with scienctific facts that comprise theories.
The NCSE isn’t a blog per se -there’s no comments section for the items above that I could see, but there’s an RSS feed. Add it to your aggregator  for the latet news in science education.

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