Project Push Back?

Source: AFA

Source: AFA

The dubiously named “American Family Association” (AFA) has a new campaign they call “Project Push Back” in which AFA Founder and Chairman Donald E. Wildmon is requesting his followers pass out “Push Back” cards to people at church, sunday school, or their friends.

These are cards that can be purchased from the AFA store for a nominal fee (according to Wildmon, “We would give them away for free, but our friends on the other side would simply order the packets and then throw them away. The price covers our cost for printing and shipping”).

It isn’t clear, however, what Wildmon wants “push back” on in their webpage or site store. Nor is there an example of the card itself. It’s only mentioned, “[t]hey contain information with easy instructions on how to participate in our Action Alert activities.”

I would presume that there’s a link to the AFA as well as how to sign up for their email “alerts.” Ironically, the reason I know about it is that some anonymous reader signed me up for these “action alerts” (and, whoever you are, I’m eternally grateful. They’ve been a great read and source of blog material!).

Also on the cards are probably snippets of their bigoted world view, including hate-speak toward homosexuals, atheists, and the “liberals” that permit them to continue. Over the past few months, Wildmon, who appears to be just slightly less nutty and bigoted as Fred Phelps (Westboro Baptist Church) and Bill Donohue (Catholic League), has sent out “action alerts” to subscribers requesting bans on Campbell’s Soup and Pepsi products for their audacity to target advertising to, or offer support for, the “gay agenda” and the “homosexual community.”

But its the strategy of disseminating these little propaganda cards (I’m making a assumption here since I’ve yet to see one) that I find fascinating. The target audience for the cards isn’t that of normal evangelicals. They aren’t seeking to appeal to the unchurched or those of other religions. They’re specifically targeting those who already share certain superstitions (i.e. virgin birth, innerency of biblical mythology, magical messiah, etc.).

This, in itself, seems indicative that, at least from Wildmon’s perspective, not all Christians -ostensibly even those of fundamentalist churches- share his bigotry automatically and he seeks to obtain their participation in his agenda of bigotry.

Should anyone come across one of these cards, please scan it or photograph it and email me a copy:

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