Possible Sexual Misconduct is a Subject of Interest for the Superstitious

Listen ... Rape is a polictically volatile top...

Who is more the dick? The dick, or the dick that follows him?

With recent allegations, accusations, rumors, etc. about rape, elevatorgate, and the misogynist, hate filled rhetoric being flung like feces in a primate exhibit within the atheist community, public personalities within the superstitious community are clearly amused.

At Wm. Dembski’s “Uncommon Descent” blog, the creationist nutbars are having a good time with it. And they’re quick to point out that other atheists are giving PZ Myers‘ new book one-star ratings at Amazon (i.e. John Loftus).

I’m sure there are other examples of popular religionists, creationists, and the like pointing and laughing at the atheist community for our in-fighting. We’ve seen some friendships apparently dissolved over issues like the so-called “elevatorgate” (this originated with Rebecca Watson who was propositioned by a man in an elevator at oh-dark-thirty in the morning while she was on her way to a hotel. She declined. Later, she told the story of this anonymous person on her YouTube channel and simply said, “guys, don’t do that.” In response, she received death- and rape-threats).

In a way, I rather like the in-fighting. It shows that atheists really are not sheeple. We don’t simply follow one-another –or so-called leaders in the community– just because they’re atheists. Just because we’re free from the spell of religious superstition, does not imply that we haven’t other spells that need breaking. Ideas about feminism or even what’s right and wrong when dealing with female discrimination and abuse at conferences and public events (or what evenĀ constitutes discrimination and abuse) are things where an obvious disagreement has emerged.

As a father of a girl going into her teens, I’m very interested in this sort of thing. To be frank, I’m a little more than concerned about the abuse atheists are flinging back and forth -the hatred and contempt. The in-fighting, while it has a good component, is probably mostly bad. I think what will emerge, however, will be a stronger, more resilient community of atheists.

Until then: keep laughing religionists. And keep linking to our discussions. We like your kids to get interested in what’s going on.

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