Pope Ratzinger Attacks “Godless Character”

Pope Bling

Pope Bling

The leader of the Catholic cult warned that Christianity could be come extinct in Europe and that they risk “punishment” from his god should this happen. Of course, this would mean the guy would be out of a job along with the thousands of people who comprise the priestly classes below him.

He was also critical of those that declare themselves “masters of creation” and daring to decide “their own fate” without regard to religious belief and superstition.

One can only hope this attitude comes to fruition one day, but here in the United States, the churches are on every street corner and more are being built every day. In Europe, however, this might actually be a problem for the Vatican, since church attendance is reported to be at an all-time low and religious superstition is slowly finding its way out of the mainstream of society and the devoutly religious marginalized as “kooky.”

I wonder how many Catholics see the irony of the Pope’s criticisms of the “godless” and their worldly ways when he sits on a golden throne, wearing a hat adorned in gold and jewels, and carrying a staff made of solid gold.

I can’t wait until Christianity is finally dead in Europe and their cult’s wealth is redistributed to the masses.

What will probably happen instead is that the Vatican will close and open a new theme park/cult center in New York. There’s no shortage of cult followers in the U.S.

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