Religion Poisons Everything

What how these Sudanese religiots laugh as this poor woman is beaten in public.

Her crime? Indecent dressing. Bikini? Crotchless panties in public? No… trousers.

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The Christian Who Stole the Grinch

The pastor of a Dallas, TX church started a website called in which the ignorant can list businesses they feel have “offended” their superstition by not saying the word “christmas” in a greeting or holiday banner.

You really have to look on with utter fascination as the ignorant profess their dismay at being told “happy holidays” instead of “merry xmas.” The culture of O’Reilly / AM talk radio nutters see omission of their superstition and acknowledgement of the multiple holidays that exist in the 30 or so days surrounding the winter solstice as a “war” on their superstition. It’s largely a one-sided war, fought in their own minds, but the more they rant on about it, the more rational people should smack them back down.

Here’s the irony: many of these “naughty” listed businesses were discovered in the course of these good christians participating in the whole commercialized aspect of the holiday. They were xmas shopping! And the good pastor of the First Baptist Church of Dallas co-opted the name of one of the most secular symbols of xmas: Dr. Seuss’ Grinch. The Santa-pretender who discovered the true meaning of xmas, which was to give not get.

Not a word in Whoville about the baby Jebus.

The naughty list is a good guide for secular shoppers. Apparently Target is a good place to take your money since you won’t have to be bothered with all that nativity shit. Give me my snowmen, snowflakes, Santas and garland. Keep those non-xmas, tropical decorations of camels and palm trees and little barnyard scenes. Ugh.

Funny comment from Rockwall, TX about Rockwall Independent School District: “They won’t let anybody say Marry Christmas.”

Nor, apparently, do they do a good job of teaching how to spell. For shame Rockwall.

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Monday Motivational #5

… because Mondays shouldn’t begin with out one.


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Monday Motivational #4

… because Mondays should start with a fresh cup of coffee and a fresher funny.


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Faith-Based Organizations and a New Executive Order

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On November 17, 2010, an Executive Order was issued that affects faith-based organizations that receive federal funds. Significant in the fundamental principles outlined in section 2 of the order are several changes. Mentioned early on is the intent to keep organizations that compete for federal funds on an even footing, whether they are faith-based or not. Very clearly stipulated is this, “[n]o organization should be discriminated against on the basis of religion or religious belief,” and:

All organizations that receive Federal financial assistance under social service programs should be prohibited from discriminating against beneficiaries or prospective beneficiaries of the social service programs on the basis of religion or religious belief. Accordingly, organizations, in providing services supported in whole or in part with Federal financial assistance, and in their outreach activities related to such services, should not be allowed to discriminate against current or prospective program beneficiaries on the basis of religion, a religious belief, a refusal to hold a religious belief, or a refusal to attend or participate in a religious practice.

Faith-based organizations will, however, still be allowed to perform “explicitly religious activities,” they just won’t be permitted to perform these activities in the course of providing the services they get funds for.

So what does this mean?

It looks like it means AA can’t receive federal funding for its very questionable services unless about 7 of the 12 steps are left out. Those 7 steps call upon a supernatural creator, -a Christian god.

It means the Boy Scouts shouldn’t be receiving any federal funds (either in cash or trade as with space for jamborees on federal land). As an organization of bigots, the Scouts discriminate based on religious belief (and “a refusal to hold a religious belief”) as well as sexual preference.

It means missions and soup kitchens that reach out to the homeless with blankets and warm food won’t get to proselytize to them

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Monday Motivational #3

… because Mondays should start with coffee and a funny.


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Non-Atheist Skeptics: a.k.a. Hypocrites

Atheist Badge

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Jeff Wagg created, earlier this year, IndieSkeptics, a blog that hosts skeptics that want to write articles on topics of skepticism but, “for a variety of reasons, they don’t.” I like the concept and, as a skeptic, love seeing additional real estate on the internet set aside for the skeptical viewpoint. But he recently wrote an article there in which I think he’s dead wrong.

Wagg objected strongly to the recent SkeptiCon theme, which, according to him, was overly atheist in nature rather than skeptical in general. He’s wrong about that, too, but this isn’t the precise point that I disagree with him on. In his article, Are Atheists Delusional?, Wagg states:

The pro-atheist cause is an entirely different endeavor with a community that overlaps strongly with the skeptical community. Skepticism is about drawing conclusions that are proportioned to the available evidence. That’s it. And I think keeping the two things separate if vitally important.

Wagg couldn’t be further from the truth. The pro-atheist cause is central to the skeptical movement. Wagg objects to those who equate skepticism with atheism, saying “if you equate skepticism with anything other than science, you’ve missed the point.” But it’s Wagg who misses the point since no one is making the argument he claims to be defeating here. What atheists (who are skeptics) are saying is that science-based skepticism leads to atheism. I won’t get into the various nuances of soft/hard atheism or agnosticism vs. atheism, etc. Lets suffice it to say that by atheist, what’s implied here is anyone who lives their life without a belief in gods.

The religious influences in government, local and national policies, public education, public health, and civil rights in the United States (and abroad) are more than just significant. Religion is a multi-billion dollar industry and it lobbies government from many directions simultaneously. This is an industry in which its membership and leadership is demonstrably corruptible and bigoted. If there were a single-best cause to be skeptical of, it would be religion, which greatly overshadows homeopathy, astrology, ESP, ghost-hunting, UFO/alien nuttery, and perpetual energy all put together.

Wagg also says, “I see a lot of good people leaving the skeptical community because they’re uncomfortable with the tone and disappointed with, frankly, the lack of skepticism presented by many people.” But he isn’t clear about this supposed “lack of skepticism.” I say its either non-existent or it is absent where he implies it to be. Clearly, those who accept Wagg’s position, or believe they can cherry-pick what they are skeptical about exhibit an obvious lack of skepticism -I doubt, however, that this is what Wagg means.

Rather than worry about alienating a few pretend-skeptics or cherry-picking skeptics who might turn their collective backs on skepticism, we should be banding together and rolling critical thought and skeptical inquiry together against it all. To those who “leave the fold,” good riddance. They weren’t skeptical.

If they’re willing to exclude religion, the single biggest, most influential human institution of supernatural belief from their list of things to be skeptical of, then how can they truly be skeptics?

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Who do atheists thank?

Chromosome fr

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Their creators, of course.

Thanks, Mom and Dad! You provided me with 23 chromosomes each, and I strive every day to make the best of them since I realize my limited command of these 46 chromosomes is temporary. I take your gift and live each day to the fullest!

The title of this post was a question posed at MetroDaily News. I registered and left my comment above. I’ve noticed two or three things on the internet questioning whether atheists could be thankful or not and it strikes me as a no-brainer.

I’m also thankful for our Sun, the star that provides the energy our planet consumes for photosynthesis and the warmth we need to avoid the cold, darkness of space. That warmth and photosynthesis is at the base of our ecosystems, which ultimately make the turkey, potatoes, and home-made cranberry sauce a reality on my table today.

Sure, nearly any religionist can ultimately pin their thanks on a supernatural, imagined being once they encounter a point at which they are ignorant. For some, that point arrives closer in the chain of events that we call reality than for others. But all religious believers would probably like to point out that I can’t thank a sun and try to argue that to be thankful I must be willing to thank a “who” -but this, of course, is pure nonsense. I can be thankful without thanking an imagined being. I can be grateful for coincidence, happenstance, or random chance. Just the other day, I was 10 cents short for a diet coke from the machine at work so I decided to check the coin return. There was a dime left by someone who overlooked their change. I was thankful for that person’s carelessness and grateful for the coincidence. No thanks to any single agent, just the results.

So happy Thanksgiving, folks! Whether you’re a theist or an atheist, be thankful for [insert whatever].

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Another Failure of Christianity

An a clear indication that Christian schools should have better oversight and accountability. Or banned as the cult centers they truly are.

This school, run by at least one sexual pervert, has 89 students from grades 7-12.

The video was making its rounds on the net, but the story must have been rather old judging by the dates on the funny comments at this site for user reviews.

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Monday Motivational #2

…because Mondays should start with coffee and a funny.


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