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In a recent email, a reader had this to say:

You’re simply proving that you are just as insulting as any of the Christian writers you have read.  Is this really necessary?

… about the “very extreme language” I used:

zombie Messiah, contrived, forced, and desperate, emotionally involved and vehemently opposed to anyone who dares question, query or critique their dogma, doctrine, and beliefs, eager to insult, disparage, and deride, Ultimately their arguments have to appeal to ignorance and the supernatural, pure, unadulterated hatred and bigotry, etc.

While I admit I can see how “zombie messiah” might be insulting, it is how those who don’t subscribe to Christian superstition see it. I think its important to point this out. There simply is no a priori reason to accept that a dead body can return to life. And, if it did, it would, by definition, be a zombie: a body that came back to life. If you find that insulting, then that says more about your “faith” than it does my opinion of it.

My description of the anti-atheist responses to the New Atheists stands. I see them as very contrived[1], forced, desperate, emotionally involved, and vehemently opposed to anyone who dares question, query, or critique their dogma, doctrine, and beliefs. We can see it in the very response of the reader who objected. We see it in the very books I listed by theistic authors who bring no real critique to the table, seek to ride the coattails of popular works by atheist authors (Atheist Delusion vis a vis God Delusion), and respond with utter hatred and bigotry. Frankly this should be insulting to Christians for whom these authors would like to represent. I could go into a point-by-point discussion of these, and I may in the future, but this would turn into a book review rather quickly.

And, ultimately, their arguments do have to appeal to ignorance and the supernatural. They cannot and do not appeal to logic and reason. In addition to ignorance and the supernatural, these authors appeal to hatred and bigotry. This should come as no surprise. Yet I’m accused of being “just as insulting” as these Christian writers? If the layperson, the average Christian is insulted by my critique of the sort of Christian author I cited in my previous post, this, again, says more about your own faith than it does me.

I’m interested in dialog with believers. But if you find honest, brutal critique and query insulting, then perhaps there’s no hope. I rather think, however, that this isn’t the case with believing Christians in general. If they’re willing to read the comments and articles posted on an atheist blog, then they’ve got to expect the atheist blogger may be skeptical of their faith. They might even expect that I’d see it as a superstition.

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  1. as in unnatural and forced []
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