Michael Voris Makes As Much Sense As Two Dead Flies

That’s what a friend of mine used to say when anyone else would just say, “WTF?” He would say, “that makes about as much sense as two dead flies.”

And that was my first thought when I watched Michael Voris’ video called “Angry Atheists.” This video goes on about how he was slandered and called dirty names (I’m betting “batshit” was among them) after he called for a “Catholic Monarchy” to replace Western government. In this video, he claims to be “clarifying” what it is he actually meant. In this video he says:

“Western civilization would be better off if it were a Catholic monarchy. How this comes about I don’t know. The point wasn’t to publicize a battle plan for overthrowing the secular humanist government. It was to point out that we are already living under a dictatorship. The dictatorship of relativism.”

And he complained incessantly about the “sad sack boo birds” who ridiculed this idea using vile, profane words. “Foul-mouthed, Catholic-bashing, invective-filled, hate speech” is what he called it. I guess some people just don’t like the idea of giving up democracy for a monarchy… He kept referring to his earlier video, so I looked for it. It was “removed by the user.” Apparently he started by censoring the comments. Then closing comments altogether. Then he removed the video (coward).

But, a quick Google search landed the mirrored copy I knew would be there. The atheosphere is dependable in that regard: someone is always ready to make internet faux pas of mad-hater Christians as forever as herpes.

Yipes! That guy truly is batshit!

His complaint begins with how “everyone gets to vote.” He points out that there are informed voters and there are “ignorant” voters. But he doesn’t really get the distinction right. For Voris, an “informed” voter is one that votes for things Voris agrees with. “Ignorant” voters are those that vote differently. For Voris, they’re obviously ignorant if they don’t think like he does. And he goes on to say that, if we’re going to insist on a voting system, then “only virtuous people” should be allowed to vote. Only Catholics would be considered virtuous to Voris -he makes this clear in his batshit rant.

In 2009, Catholics comprised 22% of the United States population. Voris proposes to have 78% of the population (using 2009 statistics) be ruled by 22%.

Bugs Bunny said it best: “What a maroon!”

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