Meet the Guy Living in His Mom’s Basement: Dennis Markuze

I received another one of his B**b Quake emails yesterday, apparently I’m on the list with a bunch of Harvard atheists that seems to include Steven Pinker.

In it, Markuze brags that he met (sort of) PZ Myers in a hastily written post script:

go post this up on “pharnygula”. I’ve had an opportunity to see PZ’s ugly face in real life! I am spamming the world from the Delta Hotel where the convention is taking place…

So I think to myself, hmm… I wonder if anyone shot any video or photos that caught him on camera.

Low and behold (or more like LOL and behold!), here he is!

Image by Tessa Brown by way of Pharyngula

Let’s face it. Dennis looks just like we thought.

According to PZ Myers (a.k.a. Pharyngula), Markuze didn’t hang around.

A while after someone pulled a fire alarm in the hotel, he appeared in the hall, ranted and raged and argued incoherently with a few of the attendees, and then…ran away. Really! He ran off!

I wonder if he pulled the fire alarm. LOL.

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