Lars Vilks Attacked by Followers of Admiral Ackbar?

The chick in this video wasn’t really yelling “Admiral Ackbar!” Nor was she the Star Wars fan I initially thought. But she was definitely a nut as were the rest of those attacking Lars Vilks over a cartoon.

In case you weren’t aware, Lars Vilks is a cartoonist who has been very vocal about freedom of speech in Sweden. What has him in trouble with Muslims is his cartoon depictions of Mohammed as a dog. So much so, that the nuttiest of them (al-Qaeda) has offered a bounty of $100k for his death. The so-called religion of peace will kill over a cartoon. Dumbasses.

Here’s the cartoon:

mohammed as a dog

mohammed as a dog

Pharyngula is where I first saw this, but I think it should be reposted again and again. The more these nuts do wacky shit like attack cartoonists, murder film-makers, and threaten those who dare question, criticize or ridicule their superstitions, the more we bloggers of the atheosphere should respond with it.

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