Ken Ham is a Racist

PZ Myers in London

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And probably a bigot. And he’s pissed at PZ Myers for pointing it out.

As many know, PZ Myers of the Pharyngula blog, has visited the Creation Museum created by creationist nutter Ken Ham. And he took pictures so the rest of us could visit without actually having to pay the entrance fee. Some have been critical of visits by rationalists to the irrational museum since their entrance fees help fund ignorance, but I think the net outcome of PZ’s visit might prove costly to the “museum.” In the words of Ken Ham, “[i]t was obvious from all the previous things he’d written that he was coming to scoff and call what we do an “abomination.””

An abomination: That which is abominable; anything hateful, wicked, or shamefully vile; an object or state that excites disgust and hatred; a hateful or shameful vice; pollution [Webster].

Yes, I’d say that’s what Ham’s “museum” is. An abomination.

Particularly if you consider the racist montage that Ham’s museum has to explain human origins, which shows all “races” originated from the children of Noah, with the “cursed off-spring of Ham” giving rise to the black people of Africa. The same excuse used by antebellum racial conservatives to enslave African blacks and by postbellum racial conservatives to oppress freed blacks well into the 20th century.[1] And boy is Ken Ham pissed. Perhaps he thinks he’s a descendant of the Noachian, thus mythical, Ham and personally maligned. He has this to say:

I publicly challenge this professor to document with photographs and actual scripts that the Creation Museum teaches “that black people in particular were the cursed offspring of Ham”!! Not only do we not teach such an absurd idea (that sadly has been used by some to promote racism and prejudice against dark skinned people), we teach against it.

But the challenge has already been met. The photograph of the museum display, showing the completely baseless, ignorant, and racial assertion was posted by PZ:

Photo by PZ Myers at Pharyngula

Photo by PZ Myers at Pharyngula

Add to this the biblical mythology of Genesis, which provide the verses used by racists for over 200 years to enslave and oppress blacks. Ham maintains that he’s not a racist, pointing out how the position of his cult is one that considers there to be only one “race” of humanity, but at some point he has to reconcile his adherence to biblical mythology with reality. Reality shows us that the planet is far older than is claimed by Ham’s cult on the basis of mythology. Reality shows us that genetic dispersal of the human genome occurred of hundreds of thousands of years ago (or millions, depending on if you consider early hominids).

Without a shred of evidence, Ken Ham and his cult have erected a museum to a mythical and, in light of scientific advances in genetics, astronomy, chemistry, geology, paleontology, biology, anthropology, and physics, ignorant set of beliefs suitable only for Bronze Age goat-herders.

Ken Ham would have the world believe that racism is a product of evolution. But if he were truly opposed to racism and bigotry, he would acknowledge the fact of evolution and the human diaspora from Africa beginning as early as 1.7 million years ago. And he would abandon his ignorant and bigoted stance against same-sex marriage and homosexuality.

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