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A few posts back, I wrote of the troop hazing / proselytizing that Major General James Chambers subjected his soldiers to.

Apparently Gen. Chambers’ niece is upset with me:

Okay! I will put it to you this way! I hope everyone of you that don’t believe in the trinity change your mind before you get your life taken away.

Huh? First of all, even if I did subscribe to your superstition, where in biblical mythology is “the trinity” discussed? The word “trinity” isn’t used a single time in the bible in any language (Hebrew, Greek, or Aramaic). Second, belief in such a thing would be polytheism, since a ‘trinity’ is clearly a pantheon rather than a single deity. Yet another reason why Christianity makes no sense at all.

You all are judging someone you don’t even know.

I’m not judging him. I don’t have that sort of authority. I am, however, being heavily critical of him. As is my right and privilage, if not my duty as an American. True patriots in this nation stand up to tyranny and injustice, criticizing it. I need not know Chambers in order to be qualified to criticize his actions.

Major General James E Chambers is a real man

As opposed to an imaginary one?

anyone who can be in the command that he is and proclaims that he is a christian will be rewarded from GOD and here on the earth he will face tribulations from all the people that don’t have very much knowledge and don’t have anything better to do than be lazy and think of ways to get attention or a check without working.

Haven’t you heard? It’s the atheists who understand religion not the religious. Moreover, anyone in the command he is in who proclaims his superstition the way he does, is someone we should be worried about. If he’s true to his superstition, Chambers thinks Jesus is going to return and that the United States is irrelevant on the alleged “grand scale of things.” Why should we expect Chambers to be loyal to his nation or his soldiers when he believes in a 2,000 year-old mythology and in an imaginary sky-daddy who will save us all from an “anti-christ?” He’s batshit. And we should truly worry about such people commanding soldiers and weapons.

But what I don’t get is to whom were you referring with the comment that includes, “don’t have anything better to do than to be lazy and think of ways to get attention or a check without working”? And what would such a person (probably a Christian, according to the General Social Survey) have to do with the issue at hand?

Major General James E Chambers is my uncle and he has worked hard his whole life.

Iron workers work hard. Coal miners work hard. Construction workers work hard. In the Army: infantry men, who walk all day to their next battlefield only to dig a hole to sleep in for the night when they aren’t on guard-duty work hard; the tank mechanics who work 24/7 with very little sleep just to make sure their tankers can shoot, move and communicate work hard; the cook who gets up at 3:00 am to start breakfast for the infantrymen, the mechanics, the tankers and the General work hard. The General, your uncle included, works hard at avoiding paper cuts and saluting to soldiers in a pass and review. He works hard at very little else. I can say this as a retired non-commissioned officer, who was in charge of some very hard-working soldiers.

To all of you that are jealous that he made something of his life

For what reason would anyone have to be jeleous and why would it be relevant to his violations of Army regulations? Or are you just making a juvenile argument in defense of your uncle rather than addressing the issue at hand. Your uncle violated Army Regulations and the spirit of Equal Opportunity. He deserves a reprimand at the very least. His judgement is comprimised by his belief in his superstition, making him unfit for command. Hopefully, he’s in a position now where he has no influence over troop deployments and training. Perhaps he’s better suited to make sure the beans and bullets get where they need to go. Let him pray for their safe arrival all he wants; let him proselytize to cases of MREs and pallets of toilet tissue.

and still gives glory to GOD I will pray that one day you find GOD! May GOD bless each and everyone of you that read this. Thank YOU, Jan

Which god? Zeus? Quetzacoatl? Chac? Ptah? Ra? Thor? Man has invented thousands of gods. Yours is but a single figment of human imagination that will one-day be replaced by yet another god. Pray all you want. I have more productive things to do with my time, Jan.

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