Hitchens in Nantucket

Here’s short video of Christopher Hitchens being interviewed for the Morning, Noon, and Night Show.

In the video he discusses the much-cited opinion polls that put atheists as the most distrusted group in the nation. I think I tend to agree with Hitchens about this, too. He points out that people lie in opinion polls and that “there aren’t enough churches” to fit all the people who claim to go to church in the United States and that people are generally biased to answer in favor of theism when polled.

This is a well-understood concept among sociologists, you don’t, for instance, ask directly, “have you read the Constitution” when you want to gauge the knowledge trends of American history. People are just naturally embarrassed to admit that they haven’t read the Constitution. Likewise, might tend to be biased toward answering in the affirmative regarding religion and the negative regarding atheism. Hitchens also points out that one of the larges growing groups in the U.S. is the non-believers.

All in all, the video is worth your time. It’s short, but must be old even though it was just posted. Otherwise the weather in Nantucket far different than what has been reported on the Weather Channel. They’re usually bouncing around freezing this time of year!


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