Godless Reading

The Portable Atheist – a list of links that are freely available on the internet which happen to be documents, essays, articles, excerpts and books featured in Christopher Hitchens’ book, The Portable Atheist: Essential Reading for the Nonbeliever.

Godless Bibliography – in APA format, articles and books related to godless topics. Use this for copy/pasting into blog or forum posts, creating references to sources you’ve cited, or locating new sources of information. I’m not going to include links (see the portable atheist for that) since this is a bibliography, but if the text is available on the internet, you should be able to copy/paste the title in Google to locate it.

As this list grows, I’ll begin to separate it more and more into topical headings.

Book Reviews – both on and off-site. Brief paragraphs of books I’ve read on atheist or atheist-related topics, as I read them, with links to sources like Amazon, reviews, and criticisms. Also included are links to off-site reviews written by atheist and secular bloggers or journalists.