On this page I’ll include interesting data related to religion, belief and superstition. This will include charts, graphs, maps, tables and other data along with source information for those wanting to cite them for debates, papers, and research.

I’ll update this page periodically and if anyone has some related data they’d like to suggest, please send me an email or comment here and I’ll see about posting it. The requirements are that it be regarding religion and belief; that it be cited; that it be an objective source.

Note: With some of the images, if you right click and select “View Image” or open the image in another window, it will give you the full size version. Images have been scaled to fit the page.


Public acceptance of evolution

Source: Miller JD, Scott EC, Okamoto S (2006) Public acceptance of evolution. Science 313:765-766. (image and citation courtesy of Pharyngula by way of The Friendly Atheist)

2006 Dropouts

Source: 2006 United States Census Data

Religious Adherence

Religious Adherents 2000

Source: Religious congregations and memberships in the United States 2000


Harris Poll November 2007

What Was BelievedWord of GodHow Religious People Are

Click the Thumbnail for the Full Version. Feel free to use, but I’d appreciate a link!

Harris Poll (2007). The Religious and Other Beliefs of Americans, found on the web at: [last accessed 12/9/07]

Largest Participating Religious Groups

What you’re looking at here is the largest or most dominant religious groups within a given county’s population -the largest participating group in each county. The graphic and its data are located at the Glenmary Research Center’s site, Religious Congregations & Membership: 2000, along with several other interesting maps and data on religious adherence in the United States.