Church Adverts: Doom & Gloom?

So much for going to church for fellowship and to rejoice with your neighbors and have some fun and be happy.

Atheist Revolution has a quick look at a brochure he received in the mail advertising his local church’s programming in “Kingdom Come: Understanding the End of the World.”

I’d probably sign up for the “2 BILLION TO DIE” seminar since its on Wednesday evenings. My Sundays are already full and I’m not clearing my schedule for “ARMADGEDDON: THE EARTH’S LAST BATTLE.”

You’ve got to figure there are probably four types of Christian. Those that: 1) think the end times will come in their lifetime, 2) think end times will come after their life time, 3) don’t give it much thought, 4) don’t believe in end times at all.

So what do you think goes through the minds of those that truly believe the end is nigh and their god is coming for them any day now? They probably abuse credit, don’t worry about getting an education for themselves or their kids, bother with long-term health plans, and couldn’t give a care about the environment. I sure hope there aren’t many in categories 1 and 2.

Edit: fixed an error. Thanks Digital Dame!

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