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It’s true: atheists don’t give as much as the superstitious…

…but not for the reasons you might think The Giving USA Foundation published a report in 2010[1] that concluded about $227 billion was donated to charity by individual Americans in 2009. The donations went to religion, education, human services, health, … Continue reading

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Happy Father’s Day to All You Atheist Dads

Image by kennymatic via Flickr And to you fathers who happen to be Christian, Muslim, Hindu, etc. Being a Dad is perhaps the most important label we can all hope to have. You all have my respect and admiration just … Continue reading

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Dennis Markuze -a.k.a. Dave Mabus: Internet Troll and Nutcase

If you’ve ever spent any appreciable time on science blogs and forums, you may have had the occasion to read one of these really strangely worded and formated posts by a character who calls himself Dave Mabus. So what’s he … Continue reading

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International Journal of Cardiology Hosts Islamic Superstition?

An article, published online in August 2009 in the International Journal of Cardiology[1] appeals to superstition and pseudoscience Muslim style. The purpose of the article seems only to push a religious, spiritual agenda under the guise of being an historical account … Continue reading

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Cat wrangling and Atheist bus ads in Iowa

Its often said that organizing atheists is like herding cats. And, while cliche, it’s probably closer to truth than not. Recent polls and surveys in the United States reveal a large and growing segment of the population who consider “none” … Continue reading

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Morality: Big “M” and little “m”

I had the pleasure of discussing morality and atheism with a commenter who I would assume is a Christian although his/her actual beliefs haven’t been specifically discussed. In responding to the second of two posts the commenter left, I realized … Continue reading

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Myths of Atheism: Hitler/Stalin/Pot Were Evil Because of Atheism

In his encyclical released on Friday, Pope Benedict states atheism is responsible for some of the “greatest forms of cruelty and violations of justice” in history [1]. Did Pope Ratzinger skip the new-pope class that explains the Spanish Inquisition and … Continue reading

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The Recent Harris Poll on Belief

Harris Poll Interactive conducted a recent poll in November in which they sampled 2,455 American adults and asked a variety of questions regarding the their beliefs, mostly religious, though they did poll with questions about UFOs, ghosts, reincarnation, and the … Continue reading

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Bill O’Reilly Interviews Atheist Lori Lipman Brown

On December 6, O’Reilly interviewed Lori Lipman Brown, the former Nevada state senator and currently the director and lobbyist for the Secular Coalition for America. This was in the wake of the Mitt Romney’s speech on “why my Mormon faith … Continue reading

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Atheist Soldier Threatened -a Veteran’s Opinion

  VJack [Atheist Revolution] has a post up on the recent plight of Jeremy Hall, a Specialist in the U.S. Army stationed in Iraq, and a true hero. Not only is he serving his country in a combat zone, but … Continue reading

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