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Rick Warren, the anti-gay bigot and mega-church pastor who hosted the Presidential debates during the 2008 campaign, is giving the invocation at President Obama’s inauguration. An “invocation” is a type of prayer used by the superstitious to call upon a deity or god for help, assistance, or guidance and, for Presidential inaugurations, this is probably more of a tradition and part of the inaugural ceremony itself than a true call for divine assistance. But I’m sure some see it as exactly this.

Still, Warren’s anti-gay bigotry, anti-choice positions, and general superstitious nonsense has caused quite the stir in the atheosphere about the appropriateness of his being llinked to the Obama inauguration. Pro-choice and same-sex marriage advocates have also been in an uproar over the decision to have Warren lead the invocation.

To give you an idea of how this nut thinks, he told NBC’s Dateline[1] that he believed if Proposition 8 didn’t pass, it would cause pastors to lose their ability to express freedom of speech since they would be subject to hate-speech prosecution by speaking out against same-sex marriage.

It’s already hate-speech. That’s the nature of bigotry.

So the bigots don’t want to lose their “legal” right to say hateful things in public, particularly from a pulpit -that place of time-honored but bigoted authority.

As a response to the Rick Warren choice for the inauguration, a FaceBook group has emerged: Turn Your Back on Rick. The idea is that everyone who is opposed to Warren and is attending the inauguration turns their backs on him the moment he begins speaking. I rather like this idea. If enough people do it, it will have a profound impact on the media and Warren’s place in history as a joke or embarassment.

From the group’s FaceBook page:

If you are attending the inauguration in Washington, D.C.—and there will be almost 4 million—TURN YOUR BACK ON RICK as he begins to speak on the stage. This small gesture will not only make Warren pay attention, but will certainly have the attention of President Obama, First Lady Michelle Obama, and the numerous elected officials who will be present that day. And for those of you around the country and world who will be at home with family, at a party with friends, or alone in front of the television, we also ask you to TURN YOUR BACK ON RICK.

If you’re a blogger, you read blogs, you participate in Facebook or other internet forums, post the link to the group, Turn Your Back on Rick whenever you get the chance (you can link to me too if you like!). I, for one, am curious how successful the group’s efforts will be. This could be one of those viral, internet organized movements (which certainly benefited Obama) that actually works.

I will watch the moment on me television with eager anticipation.

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