Baby Babble or Baby Babylon?

If you haven’t heard, there’s a new doll on the market that is raising hell among Christians! Mattel has marketed the Little Mommy Real Loving Baby Cuddle & Coo Doll, which has been alleged by some to say “Satan is King” and “Islam is the light.”

I’m not kidding. As funny as it seems, there are those that are dead-set on boycotting Mattel and want the doll removed from the market. And Mattel probably will. Some Targets and Walmarts have already removed them from their shelves.

Watch this short video and judge for yourself (the one in the upper left corner):

While I agree, it does sound like the doll is saying, “Islam is the light,” I’m not sure I would’ve noticed it had I not been told what to expect before hand. That’s the thing with pareidolia, you noticed patterns you’ve already been conditioned to expect or recognize. Something you already find to be significant.

These people already find the threat of Islam to be significant. They’ve perceived the Muslim as a terrorist following 9/11, they’ve been skeptical of intentions of those that worship at the mosque down the street, they look at Muslim women in hijabs with a bigoted eye.

So naturally they see a dark conspiracy of toy manufacturers who are trying to turn good little Christian girls into hijab-wearing Muslims by hiding messages in the baby babble of a talking doll.

I can’t wait for the Pentecostal baby that dances and talks in tongues when you say the words ‘holy ghost.’

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