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If Jesus had never been born… We’d just celebrate the solstice

Tim Wildmon, of the Christian hate-group the American Family Association, just published an on-line article titled “If Jesus had never been born…” It’s an interesting hypothetical. The first thing that comes to mind is that we really don’t know if … Continue reading

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The Ghost of Christmas Past (at Breaking Spells)

I was thinking of whether or not to write a Christmas post and what I might write… then I ¬†thought, “hmm… what have I written in the past?” Here are some of my past Christmas related posts: The So-Called War … Continue reading

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Christopher Hitchens is Dead

1949-2011 Referred to as one of the Four Horsemen of New Atheism, Christopher Hitchens died yesterday¬†at M.D. Anderson Cancer Center in Houston of pneumonia, a complication of his esophageal cancer. He was a political pundit, an author, an essayist, and … Continue reading

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William Lane Craig: Animals Don’t Suffer; Therefore God Exists

Across several posts on his site (which doesn’t seem to allow commentary from readers), WLC makes some fantastic claims about animal pain and how it proves the existence of his god. I’ve taken the liberty of highlighting the relevant texts … Continue reading

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It’s true: atheists don’t give as much as the superstitious…

…but not for the reasons you might think The Giving USA Foundation published a report in 2010[1] that concluded about $227 billion was donated to charity by individual Americans in 2009. The donations went to religion, education, human services, health, … Continue reading

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An Atheist Registry?

By now, everyone in the Atheosphere has heard of pastor Michael Stahl, the numbnuts that wants to create a registry for atheists, comparing us to terrorists, the KKK, child molesters, and Lady Gaga. Okay, I made up the part about … Continue reading

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The Atheist Reader’s Choice Awards

If you don’t know,’s reader’s choice awards are being compiled. Now’s the time to nominate your favorite atheist sites, podcast, books, etc. for 2010. My nominations are: Best Agnostic or Atheist Book of 2010: The New Atheism: Taking a … Continue reading

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Monday Motivational #7

… because sometimes you can’t even make this shit up! From

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Monday Motivational #6

… because Mondays deserve a little extra funny in the coffee. From

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The Wrong Virgin!

James Burrows, of Toledo, Ohio claims to have found an image of the Virgin Mary in his Xmas candy this year. You can click the link to see the video, but this is essentially what they show: I’m here to … Continue reading

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