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6 Reasons not to send your daughter to college? Reprehensible.

A very misguided and ill-informed website that calls itself “Fix the Family” has a blog with an article arguing against sending women to college. This sort of misogynistic, short-sighted advice is, unfortunately, playing to a rather large audience (the comments … Continue reading

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Possible Sexual Misconduct is a Subject of Interest for the Superstitious

With recent allegations, accusations, rumors, etc. about rape, elevatorgate, and the misogynist, hate filled rhetoric being flung like feces in a primate exhibit within the atheist community, public personalities within the superstitious community are clearly amused. At Wm. Dembski’s “Uncommon … Continue reading

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The Religious Response to the Zuckerman’s Atheist Intelligence Study

Miron Zuckerman, a psychologist at the University of Rochester, recently published a study that probably all atheists have heard of by now. It turns out that we’re generally more intelligent than religionists. I won’t get into the study methodology or … Continue reading

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Atheist shoe maker discovered a bias in the US Postal Service

Atheist shoe maker, Atheist Berlin (fantastic looking product, btw), sent 178 packages to  89 people in different parts of the U.S., each person receiving one package prominently  branded as ‘Atheist’ merchandise, and one not. As a result, the atheist branded packages … Continue reading

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Is Atheism a Religion?

That’s the title of an article at the Christian Post by Brittney R. Villalva. There, she cites the American Religious Identification Surveys as well as a recent PEW poll, all of which indicate a rise in “nones” and non-religious, including … Continue reading

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What are Conservatives Conserving?

That’s the question Carl Sagan posed with Part II of his book Billions and Billions. And its still a question I ponder today. A recent comparison of obesity and congressional support (both by state) for the Affordable Healthcare Act has revealed … Continue reading

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Florida to Strike the Establishment Clause from its Constitution?

The Religious Freedom Amendment, a proposed amendment 8, to the Florida constitution would change the wording of section 3 of the document to allow public funding of religious organizations. That is, tax dollars from all citizens of Florida would be … Continue reading

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Hell’s Angel

I’ve yet to read Christopher Hitchens’ biography of Mother Theresa, The Missionary Position, but I think it’ll be high on my list now that I’ve viewed “Hell’s Angel,” a documentary narrated by Hitchens and, I assume, based on that work. … Continue reading

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Atheists are Cowards?

The author(s) of Blazing Cat Fur seems to have his or her panties in a wad over atheists. I realize it’s not hard to imagine that right-wing, conservative, religionist blogger might find himself in that predicament, but in this case … Continue reading

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Godless: the movie

Staring Dan Barker, Daniel Dennett, Lawrence Kraus, PZ Myers, and many others in a conversation about one of “least trusted group in America” which “is also one of the fastest growing minorities.” I just ordered my copy. Godless Related articles … Continue reading

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