Atheists Deface City Buses In Detroit

Whoops. That should read “Theists Deface City Buses In Detroit.”

Atheist Bus Ad in Detroit

Atheist Bus Ad in Detroit

Theists love to argue that you can’t be good with out god. Apparently that doesn’t extend to private property and city buses.

Person or persons unknown tore off a portion of a bus ad sponsored by the Detroit Area Coalition of Reason, which read in its entirety: “Don’t believe in God? You are not alone.” The part that was removed was the “Don’t.”

Far from being outraged by this, I’m absolutely loving it!

How better to demonstrate a point than by letting your opponent do it for you? Most people who travel the bus line are probably already aware of what it should say, so they’re not likely to peg atheists for the vandalism. The “millions are good without god” message should be next.

And the free advertisement and attention that atheism and the Detroit CoR gets in return couldn’t have been purchased at a cheaper rate!

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