An Atheist Registry?

By now, everyone in the Atheosphere has heard of pastor Michael Stahl, the numbnuts that wants to create a registry for atheists, comparing us to terrorists, the KKK, child molesters, and Lady Gaga. Okay, I made up the part about Lady Gaga.

But I thought I’d share this video by The Thinking Atheist. The quality is top-notch and the message is spot on.

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Stahl’s blog is now “by invite only” -no surprise since his traffic probably put his comments through the roof. And I’m sure he doesn’t want atheists reading his “plans.” As if we really give a shit.

But he’s quoted as saying:

“I mean, think about it. There are already National Registrys [sic] for convicted sex offenders, ex-convicts, terrorist cells, hate groups like the KKK, skinheads, radical Islamists, etc..” Stahl writes. “This type of ‘National Registry’ would merely be for information purposes.”

And he recently started providing email lists of atheists that have sent him emails to christians to do with as they wish[1].

I almost wish a national registry of atheists would get created for Christians. I think the shear number of atheists and the surprise of who were actually atheists would stagger the minds of many Christians enough that they’d have to think about why there were so many people who didn’t think as they do. People these Christians previously thought were one of them if based just on how they acted: good.

But I did say “almost.” This is evidence that there are Christians (as well as probably Muslims and other faiths) that are so bigoted and steeped in their delusions that they perceive atheists as a threat to be met with harshly. This is precisely the reason why atheists need to continue to be vocal and active.

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